Another great Network Forum in 2019!

This was the 7th forum I have been to and was by far the best one, the positive vibes in the room were electric as delegates from all groups came together to discuss the state of Australia's birds and the role we all play in conserving them. Alma De Ribera Eyre Bird Observatory newsletter

With over 60 attendees this years face to face forum in Melbourne continued to exceed our expectations and inspire all those present, this included our most passionate and dedicated volunteers representing all states and territories.

Alongside our programs working on Woodland Birds, Urban birds, Key Biodiversity areas, Conservation Campaigns and Birdata, our groups shared and showcased their supporting work to peers in the room. We also worked together on 2020 planning and how we can better communicate with our forever growing and diverse audience.

To have real impact for birds, the work of our network is critical, our ongoing collaboration and local planning not only highlights and celebrates our local leaders and the work we already do, but also strategically supports and grows our groups to implement our key programs.

Network Forum 2019_62.jpg

Thank you to all those who attended and contributed to conversation in the room, this year’s forum saw a focus mainly on BirdLife groups, but in future years we look forward to inviting more of our affiliate friends back to the fold.


Fiona Blandford