Action plans for 2020 due in August

At the 2019 Network Forum, Fiona and I presented on Action Planning - what it is, and how BirdLife Australia as a whole and your group both benefit from the process. To better synchronise with the BirdLife Australia budget cycle we introduced a new timeline in 2019 for action planning - if you get our plans in to us by August, we will be sure to have the approved funds to you by early 2020.

Click here for a Guide to Action Planning for those of you who couldn’t make it to the forum this year. It’s also good overview of what we presented in the Action Planning session.

Your plan can be a one-pager, or a big detailed document, depending on the size and scope of your group. An excel template may be helpful, or simply base it on a previous year.

Even if you do not wish to ask for funds, this year we would really like to see action plans from all of the groups in our network. 

Contact Tanya Loos at for information and support. Work days: Wednesday - Friday.

Image: “working together at the 2019 Forum” by Fiona Blandford