Brisbane Powerful Owl project powerfully funded!

BirdLife Southern Queensland is pleased to report that a series of six grants will allow the Powerful Owl project to continue until June of 2021. The largest of these grants is from the Queensland Government Citizen Science grant program, for $29,485. Congratulations!

Here is an update from Rob (Dr Robert Clemens), who coordinates the Powerful Owl project in Brisbane:

When we started the Powerful Owl in Brisbane in 2018 we expected to find 25 to 30 Powerful Owl pairs in southeast Queensland, but we now, thanks to the efforts of more than 400 volunteers, we suspect there may be more than 150.  While we still need to confirm that many of the new owl sightings relate to near-by breeding hollows, it looks possible that this threatened species occurs in densities similar to those reported in long-running Powerful Owl project in New South Wales and Victoria.  So far, we have verified 15 breeding pairs, producing ridiculously cute owlets. 

 Large patches of quality forest with nesting hollows are increasingly being impacted by human activities. With over 1000 people moving to southern Queensland each month we continue to clear areas which could be important habitat for these owls.

 We need to understand where Powerful Owl are breeding in our region and what we can do to conserve them.  This project is working toward building predictive mapping that can be used to identify important owl habitat which we will encourage to be used in state and council planning.

 If interested in volunteering or learning more you can check the project website:

Email us: 

Or follow the: Brisbane Powerful Owl Facebook group

 The Powerful Owl Project is operating in partnership with Birds Queensland, and is proudly supported by Logan City Council, the Sunshine Coast Council’s Environment Levy, The Wettenhall Environment Trust, and the Australian Bird Environment Foundation. Redland City Council is proud to provide funding as part of the Community Grants Program to assist the Redlands Community, and the this project has previously been supported by Brisbane City Council.

 Image: Powerful Owl chick by Amanda Robertson.