Momentum is building for the 2019 #AussieBirdCount

The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, the lovable larrikin and internet sensation of 2019, was #4 in the top ten birds counted in last year’s #AussieBirdCount. How will the cocky fare this year??

This year’s count is from 21-27 October 2019, and we think it will be bigger than ever!

The team have been busy preparing the 2019 #AussieBirdCount website, and media promotions have well and truly begun - with stories picked up in local newspapers around the country.

Why not send a media release to your local news, and promote your group’s activities?

A media release which features BirdLife Australia’s Chief Bird Nerd, Sean Dooley, is available for download on the website here. There are also fantastic high resolution photos of all the top birds from the 2018 count available for download.

Sean Dooley says that BirdLife Australia has noticed a broader range of people contributing to the count since it began. “The Aussie Backyard Bird Count continues to attract a diverse range of counters from young families teaching their children about nature to retirees using birds as a great excuse to explore Australia,” adding, “Like the birds that live around us, Australian bird lovers are an incredibly varied flock, but they all share a passion for our feathered friends.”

We would love to hear how you are growing your local supporter network through 2019 #AussieBirdCount activities!

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Image: Georgina Steytler

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Melbourne Vic-8510.jpg