Beach Nesting Birds volunteers submit over 12,000 records this season

The latest edition of Word about the Hood celebrates another bumper season of volunteer effort for BirdLife’s Beach Nesting Birds Program. Coastal Bird Program leader, Dr Grainne Maguire writes:

“Winter has never been so busy, but in a great way! We have had over 12,541 records entered in the MyBeachBird Portal this season for the five nesting shorebird species in focus. That is absolutely amazing! We learn so much from these reports and with so much time spent on the beach by our volunteers, we’ve been able to locate nests that go on to be protected and for many, to hatch successfully, and for some, fledge successfully. Our ‘interesting sightings’ are just some of the insights we gain from your reports – these contribute to improved conservation outcomes for the birds we love so much. Never underestimate your contribution, every sighting counts!”

The Word About the Hood newsletter is available here and is a great read, packed with a mix of project reports, helpful advice on data entry, and a volunteer profile featuring Andrea Dennett.
Andrea is Regional Coordinator of Friends of the Hooded Plover Bellarine, Victoria. Andrea says that in 2009-10, “there was an opportunity to volunteer with Birds Australia (at that time) and assist the Barwon Coast staff with monitoring and chick minding.” Several years later, Andrea is still working hard, not only for the Hoodies of her local area, but over the whole project as she is admin for the Facebook page "Hooded Plover Volunteers".

Andrea describes her work with Hooded Plover Volunteers page:
“With 1600+ 'followers', we're hardly a viral page but we have been instrumental in recruiting volunteers & connecting them with their local coordinators; sharing chick news on local Community Facebook pages; and giving members of the public hoodie advice. As well as forwarding on observations of flagged hoodies to the Beach-nesting Birds team, we have fielded many queries about Masked Lapwings! (We've also reconnected a girl with her mother's old friend, whom she'd been trying to track down without success for some time.)”

Keep up the great work, Andrea and team!

There are over 20 groups around Australia who are part of the Beach Nesting Bird project - and therefore part of the BirdLife Australia family. For a list of the many friends groups, and more info on the BNB project click here.

Image: Andrea Dennett, by Lachlan Manley

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