Life membership for BirdLife Murray Goulburn's Paul Chick

In the 50th issue of The Babbler, the newsletter of the BirdLife Australia Murray Goulburn, the group also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Paul Chick becoming a member of the RAOU (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union), which over the years has morphed into Birdlife Australia. Paul has been awarded life membership of Birdlife Australia in honour of this achievement. Congratulations Paul!

Paul Chick recounts his 50 year membership, and lifelong passion for nature in the latest edition of the Babbler - to read the full interview, and the newsletter, click here.

‘I have learned more in a day about birds from Mike Carter, and about local plants from the late John Reid, (who was depicted in the December 2018 Birdlife magazine) than in ten years from books. I achieved the 600th tick for Australian birds last year on the WA trip. I am grateful to be awarded Life Membership of Birdlife Australia.’ Paul Chick.

Paul chick.png

Congratulations, Paul!