Winter reflections and update from BirdLife Northern NSW

Readers of this blog may enjoy this enews from BirdLife Northern NSW, with an invitation to their Spring Campout, welcome to new members, a Birdata update, and some good news stories.

Editor Gary Philips writes:

“The middle of winter is often a time of inward reflection and bunkering down indoors. However, many of us are fortunate enough to live in the comparatively benign winter climate of northern NSW. This means we are still able to get outside and enjoy the amazing natural environment around us.

This newsletter, focuses on just that - getting out and about, starting with our Spring Campout to South West Rocks (registration details below). It also tries to look on the positive, rather than the negative. Despite much doom and gloom, there are still many people doing great things and much to enjoy.

Whether you are a balcony birder or a university researcher, we all share something in common - an appreciation of nature. In these days of 'fake news' and 'populist politics' the need for a strong scientific voice is greater than ever. 

But just as important is the human element which we are all apart of. So, whenever you are out and about, remember to keep your senses alert. If possible, record what you see (read the Birdata article below). If you can do that, great, you are contributing to the growing realm of citizen science. If not, don't worry, just enjoy the moment. For that is sometimes the most important thing of all”

Read the enews here. The bird species gracing BirdLife Northern NSW enews is the White-throated Gerygone, for photos and profile, check out the BirdLife Australia website here.