BirdLife Mackay hosts Eungella Bird Week October 2019

BirdLife Mackay extends a very warm welcome for people from near and far to attend to the 3rd Eungella Bird Week, at the wonderful little township of Eungella nestled in the Clark Range west of Mackay, QLD, Monday 14th to Friday 18th of October 2019.

From the BirdLife Mackay Bird week organising team:

This year Bird Week will be hosted by bird watchers from BirdLife Mackay and Protect the Bush Alliance. There will be a special emphasis on using the collective skills of everyone attending this special week of bird watching, to support the Eungella Honeyeater survey work undertaken by BirdLife Mackay for over two decades.

Please join us to contribute to the conservation planning for this endemic species and hopefully, to encourage nominating surrounding forest areas to be included in Queensland’s protected area estate.

There will be time for bird watching, ‘twitching’, conversation, quiet contemplation in Nature, dining together and meeting the locals.

We hope your week will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Eungella National Park lies in the hinterland of Central Queensland west of Mackay. The National Park and associated Clark Connors Range is the largest area of tropical rainforest in Australia. Eungella supports 900 species of plants and a spectacular array of wildlife, including 277 recorded bird species.

The Eungella National Park, in addition to being key habitat for the Eungella honeyeater, also contains other endemic species such as the Eungella dayfrog, Mackay tulip oak, and the Eungella spiny cray, and diverse plant communities. There are dedicated local residents who make a concerted, and mostly independent effort to document population trends in species such as the Eungella Honeyeater. These research efforts all indicate that the cumulative impacts of habitat loss (from mining and logging activities) as well as changes in the food supply (associated with climate change) are affecting the Eungella Honeyeater, which is documented in lower numbers over time. The species and region have received relatively little scientific attention or conservation focus. Key sites for targeted surveys, will be identified by local expert Patricia Julien. 

More information on accommodation and activities can be found on the flyer attached here.

To register your interest in attending Eungella Bird Week, please provide details on the last page of the flyer attached above and return to  Tel: 0409 268 076

Image: Eungella Honeyeater by Barry Deacon

Eungella honeyeater Barry Deacon.jpg