Shorebirds 2020 annual winter counts - get your surveys in!

The Shorebirds 2020 winter counts are winding up for the season. The window for the winter counts is mid-May to mid-August, with the ideal date being July 1. So if you haven’t already - get on out there and brave the cold for conservation!

Data collected as part of the S2020 winter counts are very important and we encourage you to survey your local shorebird areas during the survey window. The winter surveys help us get an idea of the breeding success for each species, as well as ensuring that we capture Double-banded Plovers in the monitoring program, who spend the winter in Australia and breed in New Zealand during the summer.

We also encourage you to enter your counts directly into Birdata. If you have any questions about the winter count or Birdata, contact the shorebirds team at

Photo of Eastern Curlew: Simon Blanchflower